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Kick-off: 20 01 2018, 14:30
Game: Piacenza - Olbia
League: Italy , Serie C Group A
Price: 99 $
Prediction: Under 2.25
Result: 1:0
Verdict: WIN

Kick-off: 20 01 2018, 18:30
Game: Sheffield Wed - Cardiff
League: England , Championship
Price: 99 $
Game has started

Kick-off: 20 01 2018, 16:00
Game: Stenhousemuir - Cowdenbeath
League: Scotland , League Two
Price: 99 $
Prediction: Over 2.75
Result: postp.
Verdict: Postp.

Kick-off: 20 01 2018, 14:00
Game: Lotte - Zwickau
League: Germany , 3 Liga
Price: 99 $
Prediction: 1
Result: 1:0
Verdict: WIN

Kick-off: 20 01 2018, 13:00
Game: TPS - Klubi 04
League: Finland , Suomen Cup
Price: 99 $
Prediction: Klubi 04 +1.5
Result: 1:1
Verdict: WIN

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Paid football tips

How to evaluate the club's mentality and other tips? As you can guess modern football teams take part in lots of competitions and domestic cups could have not such a high place in the team's priority list. So before you decide betting for a certain team you need to understand what are their ambitions and what is important to the managers and the football team. You can easily get that information from the pre-match conferences, where you can understand how the club sees the overall situation as well as how seriously they take the upcoming football matches. Sometimes club managers do not talk so open about their ambitions and club's intentions are not so obvious. But when you get some experience in listening carefully to the manager's answers, soon you will be able to understand when he is sincere about what he says and when he is not. When the football team is involved in many European competitions, domestic cups could be seen as a burden to the team by his manager. But there are managers who prefer to put their efforts in winning the football cup competitions. And sometimes the football team sees the opportunity to put an end of a bad series of poor results and in such cases managers usually use their best eleven players to win those matches. Having such valuable information can help you in understanding how the football team will act on the terrain and our tipsters use that to make good football prediction. The team selection - after you have found out what the club's aspirations are, you can find it useful to understand how the club's manager will influence the squad. If he thinks domestic football cups as burden and distraction, there is likely to have quite squad rotation and managers will keep their basic players for more important matches and use younger and not so experience players for the cup competitions. This is important to know when you decide on betting on a certain team and predict result by yourself or use advices and football tips of experts. You also can have in mind that it is a practice around European clubs to loan young and promising players to the smaller sides so that they can gain experience in first hand. So when the football season is in its middle, these loan players can be "cup tied" and be a part of the competitor's team that they were playing against in the beginning of the season. Even one key starting player can make a difference in a football team so make sure that you have the information about on-loan players and transfers in the middle of the season before considering the bet.

Football bookmaker offers and tips

You need to do your homework - that means to understand which the best odds offered by the bookmakers are. Sometimes football bookies take higher commission on their odds than usually and you need to know that. There are also football bookmakers who have special offers for cup competitions and they usually offer them when the tournaments reach their later rounds. You can take advantage of these offers when you have considered all the information mentioned above. Do not be discouraged to bet on cup competitions with proper football tips, but take advantage of the situation when you have considered all the factors. Sometimes football teams can play according different motivations, but if you can use this as your advantage you will find value for sure.